• Aberration neutral aspheric lenses are designed with uniform power from center to edge
  • High Refractive index : 1.46
  • Estimated incision size : 1.80 to 2.2 mm
  • Power Available : -10.0D t0+40.0D(+10.0D to +30.0D in 0.5 D steps -10.0D to +9.0D and +31.0 to +40.0D in 1.0 D steps)

Optima Jet – Injector and Cartridge system

  • OPTIMA JET disposable injector system is specially designed for smoother and safer delivery of acrylic foldable IOL.
  • OPTIMA JET injector system deliver the IOL from 1.8 mm to 2.8 mm incision with various cartridges
  • Click-lock mechanism thereby securing the lens in the exact position for a perfect lens delivery into the eye.
  • Lens insertion is gentle and without the lens wedging or twisting ensures a controlled release, and consequently a precise positioning in the eye.